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Peter Newport

Peter Newport is a former reporter for Radio NZ, and a former producer with TV3. He started his career at the ODT and TVNZ before working for Australia’s Channel 9 as their London Correspondent, as a senior News Director with BBC TV News and as a Discovery Channel documentary producer. He lives in Queenstown.

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CODC votes to oppose River Terrace subdivision
Wanaka crash helicopter - history of previous issues
Nick Wallis reported to be killed in helicopter crash with 2 DOC staff
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Race against time to make Kmart building safe
New Blog Post
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Time for a Southern Lakes petrol protest
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What's going on with the Kmart building?
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Queenstown airport CEO - our next focus is Wanaka
Mayor on airport expansion freeze - "tourism is changing."
Queenstown Airport expansion - today's the day
QLDC discusses Wanaka subdivision runoff

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