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Peter Newport

Peter Newport is a former reporter for Radio NZ, and a former producer with TV3. He started his career at the ODT and TVNZ before working for Australia’s Channel 9 as their London Correspondent, as a senior News Director with BBC TV News and as a Discovery Channel documentary producer. He lives in Queenstown.

Posts by Peter Newport in Crux News Posts:

QLDC defends new office project as 'lowest cost' option
QLDC plans Queenstown rabbit shoot in public gardens
QLDC documents reveal current HQ consultation will be used to green light project
High cost QLDC office building to be rented back from Ngāi Tahu
QLDC delays Arrowtown historic wall fix as cost spirals to $1.5 million
Christchurch mayor plays direct role in departure of council CEO
Strong winds and heavy rain forecast from Sunday night through to Tuesday
QLDC: Lakeview cash from Aussie developers 'next year' and secret
DOC reveals details of mass helicopter operation
Is this $153,000 3-bedroom portable home the answer to Q'town’s housing crisis?
QLDC emails reveal combative and obstructive comms culture
Hundreds turn out in Wānaka for Sir Tim's last flight
Lakeview: ratepayer subsidised 'affordable' 80 sqm apartments on sale: $2.25 million
Mayor, councillor explain how and why CEO Theelen got an 8% pay rise
Dunedin council makes immediate move to open, public workshops
QLDC does not know if records exist for 86 secret workshops in past 2 years
Most of QLDC's debt crisis has nothing to do with leaky building claims
QLDC annual report: staff salary rises and debt increases
Queenstown airport bomb scare highlights baggage rules
Queenstown airport bomb scare passenger “located and cooperative”

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