NZ On Air funds Series 2 of Southern Lens on Crux

The new series will go into production next month

Lower speed limits – consultants ZQN7 wrote report, no NZTA requirement

Controversy rages over who initiated lower 40 kmh speed limits across the district

Five projects short listed for $100,000 Wakatipu grant

An Impact 100 dinner on November 11th will decide the winner

Nicola Jacobsen new MAC Principal

New principal an "ideal fit" and "effective communicator."

Jon Mitchell wins the Q'town battle but loses the Southland war

Labour's Mitchell polled marginally higher than National's Mooney in Queenstown

Mooney wins Southland - but Labour scores historic Party win

National’s Mooney secures his spot in Parliament, just

Will a Labour Earthquake produce a Seismic Shift in local values?

Will tonight's result change the key influences that govern the South?

Waitaki not so Blue any more

Party vote red but National's Dean returns for 6th term

Mooney edges out Mitchell in Crux poll

However, Labour remains the party choice for Crux readers

Taking the Donkey Work out of Success

A third Donkey book from Craig Smith is about to be published

40 kmh
Wide scale speed limit reductions to 40 kmh
queenstown at night depositphotos 576x324
Official figures show post Covid property boom in Q'town Lakes
Labour Jacinda poll 2020
Labour continues to shine in Queenstown, Wanaka and Cromwell Crux polls
Dave Cull suit and tie 2017 MR
SDHB chair Dave Cull stands down due to ill health
Boult and Theelen
Mayor: Large number of applications for CEO role
Cones feature
QLDC explains "path to nowhere" project
Media Council
Media Council Rulings re: Crux and QLDC / QAC
Beehive election
Crux poll: National closes gap in Q'town - Labour strong in Waitaki
Bannockburn Festival - Tourism's Tipping Point
Screen Shot 2020 10 03 at 1 v2.04.59 PM
Crux poll puts Labour ahead in Queenstown, Cromwell and Wanaka
ZQN interior v2
Airport expansion issue to be hammered out - behind closed doors
Screen Shot 2020 10 02 at 2.48.18 PM
Crux launches election Crystal Ball surveys
Airport ZQN June 2020 feature
Air NZ offers to safeguard frequent flyer status
Bus stuck MR feature
Heavy snow - NZTA warns drivers not to travel
Sampsa Kiuru elections 2020
Southern Lens election special - Sampsa Kiuru, Green Party
Anthony Odering
Southern Lens election special - Anthony Odering, NZ First
Heather Meri Pennycook elections 2020
Southern Lens election special - Heather Meri Pennycook, Advance New Zealand
Troy Allan elections 2020
Southern Lens election special - Troy Allan, New Conservative
Brian Mowat Gainsford elections 2020
Southern Lens election special - Brian Mowat-Gainsford, Sustainable New Zealand
Daniel Shand elections 2020
Southern Lens election special - Daniel Shand, independent
Jacqui and Liam
Southern Lens - Waitaki Candidates
wide feature MR v2
Southern Lens - Repair Revolution
Bob Hollyman Feature MR
Court told QLDC withheld information from Councillors over Wanaka airport
eight col AK AIRPORT THREE credit AIRNZ
Air NZ domestic flights return to 90% of pre Covid schedule
Wensley Collins and Mooney v2
SQL's Wensley plays role in new $1.3 billion tech policy
Court wide feture MR
Mayor, QLDC “evasive and misleading” over Wanaka airport expansion
Judith Terrill
Souther Lens election special - Judith Terrill, ONE party
Dave Kennedy Greens
Southern Lens election special - Dave Kennedy, Green Party
Joel Rowlands
Southern Lens election special - Joel Rowlands, TOP
Election MR
Southern Lens - Q'town Election Special
COYEP Jamie 2
Cromwell challenges cookie-cutter approach to education
Airport ZQN June 2020 feature
Air NZ releases 160,000 tickets at under $50

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