How much power does the Wanaka Community Board have?

It's a key post-election question. Do Wanaka residents have the voice they deseve?

SDHB boss admits midwife services "need to change."

But will the promise of change result in any real world improvements?

World first eco-housing project gets milestone Q'town go ahead

A major Queenstown eco-development project gets a victorious green light

Cromwell fire under control

Helicopters on stand-by as seven crews remain to dampen Cornish Point hot spots

When good people leave

We know we have a serious problem when hard working families, with multiple jobs, have to leave because Q'town is unaffordable.

Cracking the better houses challenge - and reducing waste

The local One Summit series examines how to build better houses - and why it is so hard.

Gracious "Thank You" message from A J Mason

Having been elected - and then unelected - on a coin toss, A J Mason makes a gracious exit

Final election results: Lewers in - Boult weak in Wanaka

It's been a fully featured local election - ending today in a coin toss.

Cromwell teen entrepreneur dealt $25,000 blow

Local police tell 14-year-old mowing magnate to stay off the road.

Video: Glyn Lewers wins coin toss - will serve on QLDC

A J Mason loses coin toss after being sworn in as councillor

merry bright 1
A coin toss at 3.00 pm - Lewers/Mason draw on equal votes
squre eyes MR
Q'town author Craig Smith hits the jackpot - again
Alice win
Watch: Full video coverage of Alice Robinson win
Alice Robinson WGNZ 2019 credit Neil Kerr Winter Games NZ copy
Forget the rugby - Q'town's Alice Robinson wins historic world ski medal
Hipkins feature
Education Minister - "Want money? Become a tradie."
New council feature
Our brand new council
Airport aerial MR3
Queenstown airport acquires new land for expansion
Niki feature shot
Niki Gladding: QLDC's incoming tornado
Screen Shot 2019 10 18 at 5.05.20 PM
Measles: new cases in Wanaka and Q'town
Screen Shot 2019 10 18 at 3.18.44 PM
Mountain Scene Editor resigns
A J and Glyn
True gentlemen: Lewers and Mason pay tribute to each other
AJ and Glyn
It's brutal: A J Mason in, Glyn Lewers out - by 1 vote
Hallenstein MR v2
Building owner fined for illegal conversion of rental accommodation
Monique Kelly feature
Monique Kelly on climate change
Open Golf Millbrook
Open Golf TV rights go to Sky Sport
Meth arrests in Cromwell
airport aerial
Stats NZ: Queenstown monthly airport growth at 22%
Screen Shot 2019 10 13 at 6.00.39 PM
Two votes beteeen in and out - Glyn Lewers and A J Mason
QLDC updates still missing - but here's more detail.
Screen Shot 2019 10 13 at 8.44.21 AM
Uncertainty over QLDC election count
Boult family MR Feature v2
Boult - challenging campaign with "constant sniping"
Alexa Forbes MR4
Alexa Forbes makes the cut for Otago Regional Council
Nik Kiddle Feature post election
Video: Nik Kiddle - no regrets but expected more Wanaka support
Tamah Alley
Challenging term ahead for fresh-faced CODC councillors
Screen Shot 2019 10 12 at 2.41.37 PM
Video Interview with Mayor Jim Boult on election win
election winners
Full QLDC election results
Tim Cadogan Facebook cropped v2
CODC full results - A mix of old and new faces
election winners
Final vote numbers: Q'town 40%, Wanaka 46%, Cromwell 49%
Recycling bottle
Our local recycling: silver bullet or comforting myth?
Q'town measles cases rise to 60
Screen Shot 2019 10 11 at 3.38.03 PM
Voting continues late surge: Q'town 38%, Wanaka 47%, Cromwell 49%
Screen Shot 2019 10 11 at 3.12.05 PM
Q'town council swimming pool to be closed until March 2020

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