Cromwell - We Know Who We Are

What's the opposite of an identity crisis?

Airport growth plan accepted by QLDC

The QAC's controversial Statement of Intent has finally been accepted.

SDHB - "A White Island tragedy would be managed."

Key figures say Queenstown would cope with a White Island scale tragedy

Lime gets council go ahead - in spite of objections

Many submitters spoke against the idea - but Lime is coming to Q'town

Q'town could not handle a White Island scale disaster

Our hopsital is only one tenth of the size of Whakatane Hospital

Lake Hayes - 12 Months On

There's room for cautious optimism for the future of Lake Hayes

Overwhelming thumbs down by community to Lime scooters

Two Crux surveys had the same outcome - a big "No" to Lime

Our Local Heroes - Four of our top people honoured

Four locals honoured in Local Hero Awards

The Crux 24 Hour Lime Scooter Poll

Have your say now - before the QLDC meeting on December 12

Council continues flood measures as lake levels drop

The district is still suffering consequences from last week's flooding

NW World Wanaka feature lighter
Wanaka graduates to a whole new world
Wanaka lakefront MR
Council to vote on smokefree beaches trial
eight col lime
QLDC plans to OK 400 Q'town Lime scooters
airport aerial v2
QLDC proposes accepting airport growth plan
WI eruption
White Island Eruption - latest from RNZ
Spark logo
Spark on network breakdown - "We did our best."
Airport at night v3
Airport survey secrecy descends into farce
Pedro hand
More lake level rises - better next week
Screen Shot 2019 12 08 at 11.15.43 AM
12 Hour cell/internet meltdown - severe civil defence implications
steps MR Feature
Sunday - internet outages, more rain, lake levels rise
girl looks at lake
Flood defences in place - it's War on Water
Bremner Spill feature
Lake Wanaka - Death by a thousand spills
Wanaka late afternoon featrure MR
ORC - if it stops raining, lakes will take 19 days to drop
Meehan Cromwell Feature
Plan Change 13 decision still hidden due to disputed council fees
Wanaka feature dce 6 midday
QLDC - Lake levels will peak on Monday
Scene Dec 5
Mountain Scene reviews Editor position
beach closed
Heavy rain forecast - lakes reach flood levels
Niamh Shaw MR Feature
Niamh Shaw - QLDC's Celtic dynamite
Alex water tanker
Some flooding on the way - downstream residents told to boil water
queenstown sandbags feature mr
Sandbags now available in Wanaka, Queenstown, Kingston and Glenorchy
2 men feature MR v2
Q'town prepares - Wanaka ready for floods
bedroom feature
QLDC says $1,550 a week Shotover rental house may be illegal
Shotover ORC MR
District wide flooding update - ORC "worse to come"
sandbagging Wanaka Dec 4 morning
QLDC - more sandbags for Wanaka, preparations for Q'town
Rees Feature MR
Flood focus shifts to Q'town - lake level near CBD
Wanaka footpath v2
QLDC sandbags for Wanaka flood risk businesses
Cromwell wide4 ScaleWidthWzc5NV0
Central Otago's property values soar
rubbish tip
Council - landfill stench will get worse before it gets better
Wanaka Lakefront Tuesday MR
ORC says flooding now likely for Wanaka and Q'town
James Burnes
Council start-up venture in search of a new CEO - and a hero project
James worms feature
Worms. Glorious Worms.
Ad blue feature
Q'town at centre of rental car fuel damage crisis

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