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New Zealand history will be compulsory in all schools by 2022

The Government has made a big change to the teaching of history in schools

'One suicide is one suicide too many' - Govt unveils Suicide Prevention Office

The government is setting up a Suicide Prevention Office to lead efforts to reduce the rate of suicide.

School disability services fall short of rising demand

Stress for school services under new system

Bullying in the police: 'It just builds up and builds up'

Bullying remains widespread throughout the police force, according to a study on the organisation's culture

Person dies after boat tragedy in Fiordland

One boat passenger dies in a boating incident - others survived.

Measles: Auckland medical clinics rushed, short of vaccines

Measles vaccine supplies start to run out in Auckland

Horror crash: Deaths confirmed after bus rolls near Rotorua

Tourist bus crash in bad weather kills five

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