Queenstown police investigating potential impersonator cop car

by Lauren Pattemore - Apr 17, 2024

Police in Queenstown have received a report of a mystery vehicle with blue and red flashing lights driving dangerously last night on a stretch of highway near Frankton.

Queenstown Sergeant Dylan Hannah-Jones says police are following up on the account, and although they have not yet been able to identify the vehicle they have determined it is almost certainly not a police vehicle. 

The person who made the report to police has also taken to Facebook looking for clues to help them understand the incident.

In the post in a community Facebook group, the person says they had been on their motorbike, when they "almost had a head on" collision with the car in question.

They say it was "an unmarked sedan with red and blue flashing lights" and it crossed double yellow lines to overtake traffic on State Highway Six close to Hanley's Farm at roughly 6.50pm on Tuesday, April 16.

Sergeant Hannah-Jones says it is a criminal offence to impersonate police.

Crux has approached the motorcyclist for further comment. 

A spokesperson for Fire and Emergency New Zealand has confirmed the mystery vehicle is not one of theirs, as they do not have blue lights.

Main image: The approximate location on State Highway Six outside Hanley's Farm where the unexplained vehicle was spotted.

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