Aubrey Road ripped up again due to contractor shortcomings

by Lauren Pattemore - Apr 24, 2024

Road workers are back on Wānaka's Aubrey Road this week, after residents on the street thought the last round of construction was behind them.

According to Wānaka councillor and deputy mayor Quentin Smith contractors are back for a do-over of the roading surface because the finished job last time didn't meet the quality and standards specified in their contract with the council.

The deputy mayor says it's "disappointing" the roading job has to be done again given the disruptions to the road over an extended period. 

This section of Aubrey Road near Rata Street has been under construction on-and-off for more than year, and residents who Crux spoke to were under the impression the works had finished for good. 

Queenstown Lakes District Council senior communications advisor Campbell Weal says the works currently being undertaken are the final part of remedial works which began in late March on Aubrey Road and Bay View Drive.

The work is being done by Downer.

"The resurfacing works here follow the temporary seal put in place last winter to open the road to general vehicle use after water infrastructure upgrades were completed in the area," the statement from Mr Weal says. 

"Crews are removing the temporary chip seal over the stormwater trench, and replacing it with new chip seal before winter conditions arrive."

More work is anticipated for spring this year as Mr Weal says the council expects a final layer of chip seal to be laid after temperatures warm. 

An Aubrey Road resident spoken to by Crux says the street had been "bumpy" to drive on and the seal was "patchy".

He says crews returned to the road this week.

Contractors onsite yesterday working on the road were tight-lipped on their assignment. 

When a worker onsite was questioned about the reason for the works, he replied, "depends who's asking", and then declined to answer questions from local media. 

Main image: Cones are in place as works get underway on Aubrey Road, Tuesday, April 23. 

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