*Get Prepared*

This section of the Crux website contains everything you need to know about our 2023 Get Prepared campaign. Make sure to check out all of our links, especially on the Key Facts page.

Are you ready? Amanda Robinson of The Lightfoot Initiative

Could the Remarkables topple onto my house?!

Are you ready? Michael Rewi of Mana Tāhuna

"When the day-to-day struggle is real, thinking ahead for emergency planning is a big ask"

Earthquake kit entrants show how it's done

Ashleigh and Jared Lindley have taken their cue from the North Island cyclones

Crux' Lauren Pattemore: 'taking action is never as daunting once you start'

Aussie import Lauren used to plan for snakes, now it's a serious shake up

Queenstown Airport community lifeline in a natural disaster

With roads and bridges out, the airport is legally required to be a lifeline

Are you ready? Sharon Fifield of Queenstown Chamber of Commerce

Biggest fear: her family being split across the district when the big one hits

Are you ready? QLDC councillor and Hāwea local Cody Tucker

Being a 'camping nerd' may help in the aftermath of an AF8 event

Arrowtown community earthquake response: 12 volunteers for huge job

They're looking for more volunteers - can you help?

Survival mode? That's me every day

Senior journalist Kim Bowden talks disaster readiness in a busy household of five

Debbie’s not so disaster-ready household

Debbie's new survival plan: a stocked-up wheelie bin

Wānaka prepares to help residents - and tourists - cope with the big shake up

The groups wants more people to get involved in emergency planning

The key role of Queenstown Airport in a major earthquake

Meet the former police officer who handles emergency planning at ZQN

Hāwea Community Centre prepares for three weeks of looking after their own

Not getting caught unprepared: 'It's pretty high on our agenda'

Queenstown Lakes' Christchurch refugees learn the hard way to be prepared

Tips and tricks from families who have lived through a big shake up

Crux discounted survival Kit Offer

Order your emergency kit today and get free freight!

Enter the We're Prepared Competition

Win a $376 72-hour four-person emergency kit

Everything you need to know!

The most important things to know in about the overdue AF8 earthquake

Alpine Fault modelling aims to prepare, not scare

The South Island is long overdue a big shake up - are you and your neighbours ready?

Get Prepared. A Crux campaign that’s likely to save your life

It's time to get serious about surviving a major local earthquake

Guilty! I’m the editor of Crux with no home emergency kit

There's no excuse to not be prepared - and that means today!

All of the best video resources on one page

The top short videos from our Get Prepared partners