Southern Lens

Southern Lens is the latest Crux mini-documentary series featuring topical and important stories from Queenstown, Wanaka and Cromwell. Produced by Crux in partnership with Two Bearded Men made possible by funding from NZ On Air.

Southern Lens Archive

Southern Lens: The Wanaka siblings living in a timewarp

Junk or treasure? The family dedicated to keeping the past alive

The Q'town Māori Trust helping non-Māori

Southern Lens: when tough times melt away cultural divides

Southern Lens - Electric Orchard

Some orchardists burn less fuel - Mike Casey uses zero

"It disrupts you" - Queenstown MP struggles with tragic past

Is Joseph Mooney the safe pair of hands that National hopes for?

Southern Lens - A different Silicon Valley

An NZ Silicon Valley could be a dream or a nightmare - but at this stage, it's looking good!

Southern Lens - Predator Free

Isobel Ewing looks at what it takes to bring back our native birds

Southern Lens - Living Options

How can we better avoid making people with disabilities invisible to society?

Southern Lens - not just an "h" in Whakatipu

“We should not be a sideshow to be dragged out when a famous person comes to town."

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