Southern Lens

Southern Lens is the latest Crux mini-documentary series featuring topical and important stories from Queenstown, Wanaka and Cromwell. Produced by Crux in partnership with Two Bearded Men made possible by funding from NZ On Air.

Southern Lens Archive

Wakaama - Queenstown's Cultural Bridge

Queenstown lacks cultural diversity, but one amazing woman, Frances Piacun is providing a bridge between Maori and European cultures.

Jules Tapper to the Rescue

He's an aviation pioneer with 59 years at the controls - and he keeps our local rescue choppers in the air.

Cromwell - We Know Who We Are

What's the opposite of an identity crisis?

Lake Wanaka - Death by a thousand spills

Pollution and contamination in Lake Wanaka is getting worse - why?

Worms. Glorious Worms.

Could the humble worm be the answer to many of our pollution and waste issues?

Rebel with a cause - Craig Smith's Q'town Quest

It could have all turned out bad for Craig Smith - but he turned things around.

When working hard becomes a crime

Johnny O'Neill is fighting to keep his business afloat in Cromwell

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