Southern Lens

Southern Lens is the latest Crux mini-documentary series featuring topical and important stories from Queenstown, Wanaka and Cromwell. Produced by Crux in partnership with Two Bearded Men made possible by funding from NZ On Air.

Southern Lens Archive

Southern Lens - Bunny Business

We've done it with deer, why not with rabbits? Pests into profit.

Southern Lens - Give Time

Having a good idea is one thing - bringing it to life is another.

Southern Lens - It's not a Hut

"It's not a hut, it's not a yurt, it's not a tank - so it must be a Turk.

Southern Lens - Treehouse Sessions

What happens when a true entrepreneur hits a business problem? Change the business.

Cromwell Cares - A Love Story

There was a chain reaction in Cromwell when one person decided to help another during the Covid lockdown.

Project Phoenix - Meet the Winners

From over 100 entries, three category winners have been selected

A shattered dream - Queenstown's migrant workers

Do we have a responsibility to look after our redundant migrant workers? We ask the Mayor, the Chamber of Commerce - and the workers themselves.

Southern Lens - The importance of tourism staff

Our future tourism industry depends on good staff and good wages

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