Rebel with a cause - Craig Smith's Q'town Quest

Nov 22, 2019

One of six kids, and asked to leave every school he attended, Queenstown singer, songwriter and author Craig Smith could have ended up in a bad place. Instead he became one of the world's top selling authors - and now is leading a personal Queenstown campaign that encourages the community to work together to avoid what he sees as a type of economic and social melt down.

Our Southern Lens mini-documentary includes exclusive footage of Craig meeting, face to face for the first time, with the Scottish grandmother who's viral video made Craig's children's book The Wonky Donkey the best selling book in the world for three entire weeks.

The look on the faces of some of our elected councillors as Craig sings his song "Greedstown" is something to behold!

Produced in partnership with Two Bearded Men using funding from NZ On Air.