Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix is a Crux campaign designed to identify and develop new ideas for our local economy to recover from Covid-19. There's $150,000 of support avalable for the three top ideas. Entries closes on April 24.

One of the features of the project is to reduce our exposure to mass tourism as a single source of community income and jobs.

Read full details of what we need in your entry here.

When ready, just send your 2 page entry as a PDF to [email protected]

Read the terms for the competition here.

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Project Phoenix Archive

"Uniquely remarkable" - the mission of Project Phoenix

Your ideas have the power the drive the regrowth of our region after Covid-19. Jonathan Gurnsey, Project Phoenix Chair.

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The total competition prize fund now sits at $85,000 value

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A strong and diverse group will help drive Project Phoenix

Patrick Dodson: Q'town can become anything we want it to be

It's a blank canvas - and perhaps nothing to do with mountains, lakes and tourism

Project Phoenix: Over $75,000 of support for your post Covid-19 community ideas

Got a vision for how we all earn money and thrive post Covid-19? Here's your chance to enter.

Whitelaw Mitchell adds $15,000 of support to Project Phoenix

Queenstown creative agency sponsors Project Phoenix to help build a new local economy

Project Phoenix - Get Registered! Terms and Conditions

Here's the full terms and conditions for Project Phoenix

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