Project Phoenix - $85,000 competition expanded, entry date extended

Apr 13, 2020

The expert panel running Project Phoenix met by Zoom today and has agreed some important and exciting changes to the Project Phoenix competition.

The competition is focussed on finding the best ideas to help our local economy and community re-grow after Covid-19 - linked to a $85,000 support package and introductions to potential funding from both Government and private investors.

  • The entry date is to be extended to Friday April 24th due to strong community interest.
  • The competition is to be split into three categories, with one winner for each category.
  • The categories are: Best Community Impact, Best New Idea and Best Transformational Project.
  • Only the Best Community Impact award will involve Crux online community voting - the other two will be judged off line.
  • The Best Community Impact award will be based primarily on social values as well as the idea's potential to create jobs and economic benefit.
  • The Best New Idea category is for an original idea that will help our community recover from the economic impacts of Covid-19 through the creation of new jobs and revenue.
  • The Best Transformational Project category is for an existing business that has an idea to adapt following Covid-19 - or a separate entity (person or company) with an idea that can help an existing business make this type of pivotal, transformational change.
  • The introduction of the offline expert panel judging process is to provide extra confidentiality to entrants - and a degree of expert panel support/feedback.
  • Additional protections are being put in place to make sure that all ideas involved in Project Phoenix are supported by the appropriate legal and confidentiality agreements. You can view the current Terms and Conditions here.
  • Anyone who has already entered is free to re-submit if they want extra time - they also need to decide on an entry category. Just email [email protected]

Each category winner will receive the same support package. A high production value video mini-documentary worth over $20,000 produced by Two Bearded Men, a Seed Brand Strategy Workshop worth over $5,000 from Whitelaw Mitchell and the invaluable connections, introductions, support and advice from our expert panel. There's also a 3 month meeting and workspace package for each winner from Mountain Club.

The Project Phoenix panel - view their full details here.

Entries will still be limited to two A4 pages submitted as a PDF file to [email protected] by April 24th but short-listed entrants in the Best New Idea and Best Transformational Project categories will receive some additional information requests from the panel as well as an invitation to take part in a short Zoom session as part of the final selection process.

Make sure to register here if you plan to enter or want to receive Project Phoenix updates.

Entries (each will be acknowledged with a receipt email) should cover the following points and be sent to [email protected]

Best New Idea and Best Transformational Project

You need to prepare a two A4 page pitch that includes your idea, the problem it solves, the market you want to reach, how much time and money it will take to achieve revenue and finally – what your idea could eventually deliver in terms of jobs and income. At the top of your pitch please include the clear identity and status (individual, group or company) of who is entering.

Best Community Impact

Detail how your idea will help the community in terms of morale, support, regrowth and handling the negative effects linked to Covid-19.  If your idea also involves creating new jobs and revenue that’s great – but the judges are looking for maximum positive social impact on the community. Two A4 pages as a PDF file.




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