Wao Film Festival programme released

Apr 23, 2024

The Wao Film Festival is back, promising a cinematic experience that celebrates the marvels of the natural world while shedding light on pressing environmental issues.

Taking place from May 9 to 12, festival organisers are inviting audiences to immerse themselves in "captivating films that inspire a deeper connection with nature".

This year's lineup features an array of thought-provoking films, including 'Exposure', from Award-winning filmmaker Holly Morris, who documents an extraordinary expedition to the melting Arctic polar ice caps.

Despite perilous conditions and discouragement, a diverse group of ordinary women from the Arab world and the West embark on a daring journey to reach the North Pole.

Facing frostbite, polar bear encounters, sexism, and self-doubt, they defy the odds and challenge conventional wisdom.

Ms Morris's intimate portrayal reveals a story of resilience, survival, and global citizenship, capturing what could be the final expedition to the world's northernmost point.

'Common Ground', the highly anticipated sequel to groundbreaking documentary 'Kiss the Ground', exposes the dark realities behind the world's broken food system.

Through journalistic investigation and personal narratives, it uncovers the influence of money, power, and politics.

The film highlights the unjust practices that have shaped our current farm system, where farmers of all backgrounds struggle to survive.

Yet, it also profiles a hopeful movement of diverse farmers adopting regenerative agriculture models.

These alternatives offer potential solutions to climate change, health issues, and economic instability, providing a beacon of hope for the future.

'Back to Camp 41', narrated by David Attenborough, intimately chronicles the poignant journey of Dr. Thomas Lovejoy's family, friends, and colleagues as they honour his legacy by returning his ashes to Camp 41, the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Following the loss of Dr. Lovejoy, renowned as the "godfather of biodiversity," on December 25, 2021, the film captures their emotional pilgrimage to the place where he dedicated his life's work.

Through this educational and heartfelt expedition, viewers witness a profound mission of love and hope, underscored by Dr. Lovejoy's enduring commitment to understanding and safeguarding the Amazon's precious ecosystems.

As the team navigates the challenges of conservation and personal grief, 'Back to Camp 41' becomes a powerful testament to Dr. Lovejoy's lasting impact and the urgent need to protect our planet's biodiversity.

'Between the Rains' is a documentary filmed over four years amidst record low rainfall in northern Kenya.

Collaborating with the Turkana-Ngaremara community, it delves into the challenges faced by children growing up in a traditional culture affected by climate change.

Rated PG and subtitled, it's praised as a raw, elegant coming-of-age portrait that offers a clear-eyed perspective on the direct impacts of climate change.

Critics unanimously laud it as a ravishing depiction of resilience amidst environmental adversity.

'The Ocean Seen from the Heart', a sequel to 'The Earth Seen from the Heart', reveals the alarming impact of human actions on the ocean's biodiversity and temperature.

With Hubert Reeves and a team of passionate scientists and explorers, the film explores the threats facing the ocean while highlighting its remarkable capacity for regeneration.

It serves as a tribute to the richness and necessity of preserving marine life for the survival of all species on our blue planet.

Tickets for individual films are priced at $15 each, with a special offer of three films for $30.

A Full Festival Pass is available for $149, including access to online screenings.

Kids under 18 can attend for free, while for students there're discounted tickets at $10 each.

All films are suitable for the whole family.

In addition to the film screenings, festival-goers can indulge in the offerings of a pop-up café and bar at each session.

For those unable to attend in person, the Wao Film Festival offers online screenings, available for six weeks after the in-person event.

Tickets can be purchased online now.

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