Rental ad seeks $195 to share bed in Queenstown with stranger

by Lauren Pattemore - Feb 16, 2024

A rental listing that asks $195 for a room sharing a bed with a stranger in Frankton has left Queenstown local Kate 'Jellyfish' Robinson "flabbergasted".

Ms Robinson has been in Queenstown for 12 years and seen a plethora of different posts and living situations advertised on Facebook rental pages, but this particular one shocked her. 

"What's it coming to when someone has to share a bed with a's bordering on creepy."

The listing appeared in a Queenstown rental group on Facebook yesterday.

Originally, when Ms Robinson saw the listing, she thought it was a scam, not believing someone renting would expect to share a bed with someone else. 

But, it appears the rental shortage is so severe anything is considered.

Ms Robinson has been in touch with another woman who is "desperate" for a room in Queenstown, and has already made inquiries about this living situation, contacting the person who made the post on Facebook.

The woman was told the bed would be shared with another renter, a man.

The message exchange between the inquirer and the person listing the room (Supplied: Kate Robinson).

"I said, 'girl, get out of there'," Ms Robinson says.

"How can anyone feel safe when that is their only option."

Ms Robinson says she contacted Crux to draw attention to the seriousness of Queenstown's housing crisis, resulting in living situations like these being promoted online.

In Ms Robinson's opinion, this is worse than hot-bedding, which also happens in Queenstown, and involves two renters sharing a bed, but sleeping in it a different times.

Crux has approached the rental poster for comment. 

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