Gracious "Thank You" message from A J Mason

Nov 01, 2019

A J Mason lost his council seat yesterday in a very public coin toss to break a ballot deadlock. A recount this week found the election result to be a tie - and the judge ordered the brutal, but quick, resolution. Here's a statement just received from A J - Crux congratulates both candidates for standing and handling a difficult situation so well.

"As you will most likely have heard, the final outcome between Glyn Lewers and myself was decided by a coin toss, and chance was with Glyn on the day.  I offer Councillor Lewers my sincere congratulations and best wishes as our new Councillor.


I'm very grateful for, and humbled by, the flood of support and commiseration that you have generously all extended.  I am disappointed, and deeply appreciative for all your kind thoughts. But I'd also ask us all to remember that, while the election drama grabbed some media attention, mine is perhaps the very definition of the proverbial "first world problem".  By contrast, there are people in our communities doing it hard.

People who are struggling financially to keep their head above water, putting in a full week's work - or more - and only just making ends meet - or less.  People struggling with mental health issues, who every day fight to stave off despair and find something, anything, to make life worthwhile. People suffering from physical health ailments, or bereavement from the illness or loss of a loved one, or dealing with other family turmoils. There are kids in our community who look to the future terrified of what they see, who are angered by the poor stewardship of their elders, and who see little prospect for a brighter future.

Glyn Lewers and A J Mason

No election is really about the candidates, and certainly my candidacy was never about me.  Rather it was only ever about our people, and my commitment - which persists irrespective of electoral outcome - to do everything I can to ease our problems, perhaps just a little; to help unleash our community’s potential for building our best world; and to work toward charting a course to a brighter future for us all.

I offer our new Council and Councillors my best wishes and full support in shouldering this ultimate responsibility.  I know Glyn will bring an energy and dedication to the task that will do us proud, along with a skillset that will enable him to make a significant contribution. 

So, again, my heartfelt thanks for your friendship and kindness - but if I could make one request of you, it would be that as we move on with our day-to-day lives, please extend the same grace toward each other, and all of our community, that you have toward me over these last days."

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