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Over 10,000 cigarette butts dropped on lakefront beach in 30 days

Environmentalist Liz Smith has posted a shocking image on social media showing over 10,000 cigarette butts picked up from Queenstown's lakefront beach in just 30 days.

She is meeting with the Queenstown Lakes District Council on Tuesday this week in an attempt to persuade the council to make the beach smoke-free.


The Lake Wakatipu beach in central Queenstown. A tourist hot spot.

Over 3000 people have supported Liz's post on the Queenstown Trading Facebook page, in support of the smoking ban.

Liz Smith notes in her post that the butts can take 10 years to decompose.


Main image: Liz Smith with the 10,527 cigarette butts picked up from Queenstown's lakeside beach. Facebook.



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  • Wayne Christensen : 12/05/2018, 3:56 pm (2 years ago)

    The tragic thing about public smoking is that, in addition to the obnoxious fumes, the filters in butts which "protect" smokers become little bombs of toxicity inflected on the rest of us. Liz Smith notes that butts can take 10 years to decompose. Every butt is a 10-year time bomb leaching out the tar and other junk the smoker doesn't want in their lungs – but is happy to inflict on our environment! A smoke-free lakefront beach would be a good start towards a Pure New Zealand.