Welcome to Queenstown Airport

by Peter Newport - May 05, 2019

A photo essay.

As the dust settles on a dramatic week of ideas, speculation and counter-arguments over the future of Queenstown and Wanaka airports, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at Queenstown airport and the land around it.

These photos were all taken on Saturday May 4th with no filters or special effects. The images are designed to document what is actually happening within one kilometre of the main Queenstown terminal and runway.

cars wide porter

Thousands of rental vehicles stockpiled on the east side of the main runway. 100 metres from terminal.

QLDC cars at threshold

QLDC's dump for abandoned vehicles - 100 metres from northern runway threshold.

containers wide

Empty containers and space for rent - Grant Road, 150 metres from runway.

Remarkable Residences

$1 million dollar high density townhouses under construction - Frankton Flats. 600 metres from main run way.


Kmart building, new shops and parked cars. "Queenstown Central" shopping Mall. 750 metres from main runway and terminal.


Scenic postcards for sale - "Queenstown Central" Shopping Mall. 750 metres from main terminal and runway.

road closed

Side road under construction off Grant Road - 400 metres from main runway.


Coming Soon - "Queenstown Central"

trucks 2

Concrete works - 300 metres from main runway

concrete trucks

Concrete trucks - 300 metres from main runway


Lakes District Hospital upgrade works - 150 metres from main terminal.

Ezi rentals

Rental car depot - 100 metres from main runway.


Hilton Hotel abandoned earthworks - over a decade old. From main airport roundabout.


Rental car yard with wrecked cars - 75 metres from main terminal.


Land for lease - Grant Road 300 metres from main runway

Video - thousands of stockpiled rental vehicles - 200 metres from main terminal.



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