Wanaka residents reject Masterplan proposals

by Peter Newport - Aug 12, 2019

It looks as though the QLDC's Masterplan for Wanaka's town centre is quite seriously out of step with the views of locals with only 33% supporting the plan's overall direction.

52% rejected the Masterplan and 15% were neutral.

Key issues of concern to people who took part in the Masterplan feedback were the golf course by-pass road, parking, pedestrianisation of the town centre, Pembroke Park changes and cycle ways.

The QLDC downplayed the result in a statement this afternoon that referred only to "a mix of views". The council's next course of action - more consultation.

The media release attributed the following comments to Peter Hansby, the council's General Manager Property and Infrastructure.

“Over June, we asked the wider Upper Clutha community whether they supported the overall direction of the draft Wānaka Town Centre Masterplan.  This was presented as a high level direction for the future, with significant planning, design, costing and formal consultation to follow,” he said.

Screen Shot 2019 08 12 at 4.48.50 PM

The QLDC's Peter Hansby.

“While going in to the engagement we were confident the draft plan presented reflected the feedback and direction provided by the community earlier in the year, the response to this question varied by age group.

“Across all ages, overall support for the direction sits at 33% with a number of key reasons given for why people felt this way,” Mr Hansby said.

“We’ve taken the time to go through the feedback in detail, develop and understand themes and use it to define the next steps of the project,” Mr Hansby said.

The feedback difference across varied age groups was reasonably consistent - with all being asked the same question - what is your level of overall satisfaction with the Wanaka Masterplan?

Here are the full results:

Screen Shot 2019 08 12 at 4.51.02 PMThe QLDC announced today the details of what they propose to do in response to the views of the community.

"In response to the feedback, the Council is proposing to carry out further consultation and engagement on more acceptable options for a town centre bypass and more detailed work on parking management.  Once these concerns are resolved, further work will be done on options for shared spaces and Pembroke Park.  

This will be supported by progressing a number of business cases and early, low risk interventions, such as improved crossings, signage and signals, when budget allows. 

“This includes a full parking management strategy and business cases covering roading network optimisation, walking and cycling and public transport.  We’ll pause work on the high level Town Centre Masterplan until further investigation has been completed,” Mr Hansby said.  

It has also been agreed to proceed with Stage two of the Lakefront Development Plan, which was on hold until the Masterplan was completed and parking implications in that area understood.

“While our work will continue, potentially reversible actions can proceed as part of the Lakefront Development Plan until a firm outcome is agreed on how this area might look, feel and be used as part of wider town centre upgrades in the future,” Mr Hansby said.

1,300 people took part in the survey.

Read the full summary of feedback here.

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