The Crux Ultimate Airport Survey

Sep 01, 2019

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There's been so much talk and confusion about expansion plans for both Queenstown and Wanaka airport that Crux believes we should just cut to the chase and find out what people really feel.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council and Queenstown Airport Corporation have frozen all further expansion work until there has been more research plus consultation around the environmental and social consequences of more flights.

This work is likely to take up to a year and cost many tens of thousands of dollars.

In the meantime the number of flights into Queenstown airport continues to increase dramatically and councillors may accept an airport Statement of Intent that is "OK for now - we'll just keep getting bigger (to be defined), with some conditions and limits."

Mayor Jim Boult has indicated that next year's QAC Statement of Intent may be where the focus falls in terms of defining future airport growth (after further research and consultation) - not this year's Statement of Intent.

So - here's the Crux Ultimate Airport Survey. It's very important because the business, tourist and pro-growth lobby have been very quiet - here's their chance to have a say and not have to present any detailed arguments in favour of their position.

It's very simple - one resident - one vote. No complex details, no leading questions, no need to justify your view.

Do it, share it - even talk about it - but, please, let us know your position on airport expansion.

It's an important cross-check on any future QLDC or QAC surveys and engagement. Crux pioneered the first detailed airport survey last year that correctly forecast an even bigger decision in the QAC's official engagement process. If you want to do you homework before filling in the short 2 minute survey just search "airport" from the Crux home page.

We'll be publishing regular updates on how the survey is progressing.

Here it is: The Crux Ultimate Airport Survey


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