Wānaka gets QLDC $400,000 'footpath to nowhere'

by Lauren Pattemore - Mar 22, 2024

The construction work undertaken on a quiet residential street has been flagged by a Wānaka resident living nearby as "making no sense", prompting him to investigate the QLDC cost using official information legislation.

The resident noticed that on the corner of Rata Street and Kowhai Drive, there were new raised kerbs, a crossing and a footpath, which he estimates is 15 metres in length. 

He calls it's it the "footpath to nowhere". 

The total cost of Rata Street's "footpath to nowhere" and associated works comes to $401,487

He says that it is located in a quiet area, and he couldn't see any reason for the work to be undertaken.

He was shocked after the total work equated to $401,487 after obtaining the cost from the council using the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.

The response from the Queenstown Lakes District Council detailed the cost included upgrades for four spots on Rata Street. 

Rata Street located in a residential area, has just received $400,000 worth of upgrades

Rata Street is located just off Aubrey Road, near Holy Family Catholic School.

The total cost breakdown has been given by the Queenstown Lakes District Council in its response to the resident.

This included $99,800 for planning and design, $11,000 for earthworks, $28,000 for the footpath, $80,000 for the kerbs, $13,500 for the signage.

There is also $48,300 in the kitty for lighting, which the QLDC has not yet spent. 

The resident has told Crux they are "miffed" their rates are going towards projects like these.

"Seems like a strange way to blow [almost] half a million dollars, from a council that is in financial strife."

Main image: New raised curbs added to Rata Street.

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