Strong journalism breaks all February audience records for Crux

Mar 03, 2024

In an important and challenging week for all New Zealand media, with the closure of Newshub, the unique Crux brand of strong local journalism has shattered all records with a stellar February across both social media and the Crux website.

Here’s our February numbers direct from authenticated data sources.

Crux audience data February 1 - 29, 2024. Source: Google Analytics and Meta pro dashboard.

Crux believes in choice, if you don’t like our coverage then of course you can read something else.

However, without Crux nobody would have told you about the ratepayers' $100 million Lakeview "affordable housing" spend, the houses crushed by Skyline's construction debris, the council's failure to tell the truth about their non-compliant "jobs for mates" consulting schemes and how local police failed to charge the wealthy US doctor who left a local chef with a broken back and who then fled the country.

One thing we always get right is truth. You might not agree with everything we publish but it is all true. That’s because we are trained journalists subject not only to the NZ Media Council but NZ defamation laws that favour the plaintiff, especially plaintiffs with money. Most importantly we live here and want to be part of an honest community with integrity and strong human values.

The Crux team.

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For comparison purposes the Mountain Scene prints around 16,000 copies each week and the Lakes Weekly Bulletin prints around 3,500 copies each week. There is increasing evidence (just look at those piles in your supermarket) that it is hard for both of those publishers to get their physical copies into the hands of readers.

Can your preferred advertising partner match our numbers for Queenstown, Wānaka and Cromwell?

Do you make your advertising decisions based on what's best for your business and can be tracked/verified or is it that you have not tried digital ads and like the feel of print?

Ask the tough questions – we do.

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