Queenstown police nab distracted drivers

by Kim Bowden - Jan 27, 2022

Ditch the phone to avoid distractions while driving.

That’s the message from Queenstown police after an officer spotted a driver using their mobile phone behind the wheel on average every 20 minutes on Gorge Road yesterday.

The single officer issued 23 infringements in less than eight hours for mobile phone use while driving.

In a statement, road policing manager Senior Sergeant Sarah Thorn says it’s disappointing drivers still aren’t getting the message about distracted driving.

The officer was parked visibly and in a marked car, highlighting the level of distraction.

“Using a mobile phone that is not hands-free means you are not paying attention. 

"You’re placing yourself, anyone else in your vehicle and all other road users at risk.”

The fine for drivers caught using their phones behind the wheel almost doubled in April last year from $80 to $150, plus 20 demerit points.

The officer also issued four tickets for not wearing seatbelts, and two for speeding.

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