Queenstown does Level 4 – nicely

by Peter Newport - Aug 18, 2021

Queenstown was on its best behaviour this morning under level 4. The Covid lockdown saw people wearing masks, not panic buying toilet rolls and generally staying home.

Supermarket car parks were between a 20 – 40% of their normal capacity with little obvious queuing and virtually everyone wearing masks.

Supermarkets were generally not crowded with almost everyone wearing masks

The roads were slightly busier than would be expected – but still only around 10% - 20% of normal weekday traffic volumes.

Apart from supermarkets and pharmacies businesses are closed and car parks empty

The Queenstown CBD was virtually a ghost town with all shops and businesses closed except for the small supermarket at the corner of Stanley and Shotover streets. Again, there was no obvious queuing, and everyone was wearing masks.

Camp Street in Queenstown's CBD was 100% deserted

Local MP Joseph Mooney has called for everyone to look out for neighbours and those who might need help.

Local MP Joseph Mooney - "look after each other."

Mooney says looking out for each other, especially the elderly and those in vulnerable situations is essential.

“It’s the southern way to look out for your family, your friends and your neighbours.”
“Our communities showed incredible kindness during last year’s lockdowns and I am sure it will be on show again.”

“I encourage anyone needing support to reach out, though we may be socially distanced no one should feel isolated.”

“I will be working remotely alongside my staff and we will be here to support our communities and keep our constituents updated.”

“Anyone with concerns can contact my offices throughout lockdown.”

Mooney expressed gratitude to essential workers who will be at work this morning supporting the region.

“Essential workers did a wonderful job of carrying our region through last year’s lockdown.”

“We are privileged to have incredibly dedicated doctors, nurses and healthcare workers.”

“There are many people across many sectors making significant contributions.”

“I am very grateful to those who will keep working over the coming days to deliver the essential goods and services our communities need.”

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