Meters installed at favourite free parking spot at Five Mile

by Lauren Pattemore - May 23, 2024

Misuse of one of Five Mile's parking areas has meant the space has changed from free to paid.

The private car park, owned by the developer of Five Mile, was a popular spot for all day free parking.

However, Crux understands drivers of trucks and larger vehicles had been using the space to offload their products, and that had been causing damage - including potholes.

The car park is located behind Countdown and beside The Crown pub, and rates are now $2 per hour or $12 for 12 hours, with nighttime and weekend rates of $6.

The paid parking has been in operation for two months. 

For nearby business The Crown, the change has not been a problem.

Fred Tyson, the general manager for the pub's umbrella company, Wolf Hospitality Group, says the pub has 20 designated spots within the carpark for their patrons to use when visiting the pub - which are free to use.

Plus, patrons are able to leave their vehicles overnight if needed.

"We don't condone people jumping in the car and going off with a few beers at all," he says. 

The rest of Five Mile remains mostly free for parking for 180 minutes, although in some sections that time limit drops to 30 minutes. 

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