Motorists crossing centre line after new roading layout in Arrowtown

by Kim Bowden - Jun 10, 2024

A new right-turning bay on a main feeder road into Arrowtown is confusing motorists, sending many over the centre line and, potentially, straight into the line of on-coming traffic.

A local resident contacted Crux after being caught out on the wrong side of double yellow lines on McDonnell Road this morning.

They say at approximately 11am the glare of the sun on the road made the road markings virtually invisible when heading from the state highway towards Arrowtown.

A new roading layout to accommodate the right-turning bay in the centre of the road requires drivers to move to the left but, because of the invisible centre line at that time of the day, many are continuing to travel straight, following the old layout instead.

"I took the direct path myself - much to my passengers surprise - and I went back to see why I had done it and saw other cars doing the same," the driver says.

They parked up on the side of the road for 10 minutes, watching "most cars" crossing into the wrong lane during that time.

"Locals can learn about the danger but tourists won't have a chance."

The turning bay has been installed at the entrance to a development on the western side of McDonnell Road.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council and the New Zealand Transport Agency have both been approached for comment.

Videos (Supplied): Three vehicles cross the centre line near Arrowtown this morning as sunstroke obscures road markings, Monday, June 10, 2024.

Main image: A motorist travels on the wrong side of McDonnell Road near Arrowtown, Monday, June 10, 2024.

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