Michael Laws defends ORC coup - "It's about personalities not policy"

Jun 20, 2020

From Michael Laws - a Cromwell Public Relations consultant and ORC Deputy Chair.

"Otago regional councillor Michael Laws said today that the extraordinary ORC meeting scheduled for 8 July 2020, for the purpose of removing from the office of Chair, the Hon Marian Hobbs, “is not about Otago water, nor the Otago environment, nor the implementation of national water policy.”

"It is grossly unfair to all Otago’s regional councillors that this meeting has been characterised as an attempt to stymie the implementation of national standards or the improvement of Otago’s waterways."

"There wouldn’t be a councillor around our table who does not regard the improvement of Otago’s environment, especially freshwater, as a palpable priority.”

"Cr Laws also said the “disingenuous representation that this is a ‘farmers versus greenies’ scrap, does the claimants no credit.”

"Every councillor will have their personal view, but the meeting is genuinely about who has the best skill set to lead our strong governance team forward. And who can best draw out the positive qualities of every councillor.

"It is an unusual circumstance, agreed, but this is all about personality and not about policy nor programmes. Nine councillors (9) have indicated that they wish the matter to be formally raised given the decision of the current chair not to step aside.”



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