Logging truck rolls on Cromwell roundabout

by Kim Bowden - Jun 19, 2024

A hiab operator is working to remove logs off the back of a truck that rolled on a roundabout at the entrance to Cromwell late this morning.

The truck was the only vehicle involved in the incident at the intersection of States Highway 6 and 8B, where some traffic is being diverted to avoid the scene.

The incident was reported to police just before midday.

The Cromwell roundabout at the intersection of State Highway 6 and 8B, where a truck rolled, Wednesday, June 19, 2024.

In a statement, police say, "Motorists are advised to avoid the area and use an alternative route where possible".

They expect the truck will "take some time to right".

The truck is blocking one lane, on the Cromwell side of the roundabout, where detours are already in place for ongoing three waters construction works.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand and St John crews are in attendance, but police say no one was injured.

The roundabout was ripped up and relaid not long after initially being constructed due to a fault with the camber, or gradient, of the road.

The flaw was missed by the contractor during construction, despite quality assurance checks having been undertaken, and truck drivers instead raised concerns after using the roundabout when it was provisionally opened over winter in 2022.

Main image: A hiab operator works to remove logs from a rolled truck and trailer in Cromwell, Wednesday, June 19, 2024.


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