Lisa Guy announces QLDC councillor candidacy

Jun 07, 2022

Media release from Lisa Guy, announcing her candidacy for the QLDC Arrowtown-Kawarau ward:

"Lisa Guy, newest council candidate for the Arrowtown-Kawarau ward, puts people, place and property front and centre.

“There’s big change ahead for local government,” says Guy.

“If given the privilege of being elected, voters would know that I’m serious about the job as opposed to coming in with a grand philosophy. There is a need to be clear on council’s remit. I understand the mechanics of local government and the role of a councillor. There is much we can do to improve; we need a sustainable future.

Lisa Guy and her dog Moe on the old Shotover Bridge. Supplied.

Villages on the east side of the Shotover river all have unique histories. A bridge has two ends, essential to function, where we’ve come from and where we’re going. Our villages share purpose, kaupapa, to look after this place.”

With a strong HR background Guy understands people and the importance of wellbeing and community within a place.

“I’ve started by listening, there are specific challenges in each neighbourhood.”

Guy is announcing her intention to stand now as she is connecting with residents, community groups, businesses, and current leaders. Seeking to understand issues, community aspirations, emerging legislation, the LTP, annual, and spatial plans.

She’s prepared for action - having worked with local government and experience with commercial entities in a range of industries Guy is determined to protect and add value to Queenstown’s already $90 billion property space.

“Queenstown is an evolving landscape; we need a forward-thinking council to navigate connectivity, public transport, 3 waters, land use, all deserving of serious consideration, we’re a more diverse and challenging environment than some recognise, full of opportunity and risk.”

“This is a place of and for incredible people, through hard times these villages come together, when many are far away from family, you are family. How we build back better in response to Covid, face climate change or earthquakes may test us. How we address future funding needs with or without a visitor levy a question we face together.”

Guy arrived in Queenstown in November 1992 with not much more than a 58kg Labrador and an HR role at THC Queenstown. Tasked with recruiting 100+ hospitality staff in her first week, interrupted only by sandbagging the lake front to protect Queenstown Bay from a 100-year flood, both tasks were more recurrent than the initial job description led her to expect.

“Like many here, I’m fortunate to be connected to great groups and people, we’ve been through a lot together. I admire people who keep going that next step, many here have experienced hard times, requiring pivot’s that put pressure on people.”

As a Human Resource Manager with SPHC Hotels in Australasia, she drove recruitment, training, and employer brand - the initial role here rebranding THC Queenstown to Gardens Parkroyal with GM Penny Clarke was to last four months – 30 years later Guy still calls Arrow Junction home.

Advisor in the HR space to iconic employer brands around the country, Guy has experience facilitating learning alongside some of the best in field, Haddon Paddon Rally Sport,, training 3500 Countdown staff, designing and delivering learning events in NZ, Australia, Asia, projects fast paced and challenging. Guy knows that connecting local business and talent with the world is practical and possible.

The Queenstown adrenalin gene hasn’t escaped her family - an adventurist, veteran of six rickshaw-runs circumnavigating India, Sri Lanka even taking a tuk-tuk up the Himalaya to 5300m fundraising for ‘Cool Earth’ a charity that tackles climate change. Like many people here Lisa and husband Edward are enthusiastic about what living in the district offers, paragliding, snow sports, toss a coin road trips with three daughters (sometimes reluctantly) in tow…

Guy is easy to spot on Queenstown trails with three Cairn Terrier dogs, expect to see more of Lisa Guy, as she says, “this environment is spectacular– Nature, it’s not just a nice place to visit, it’s home.”

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