Ladies Mile Transport Hub and School flagged

May 06, 2019

Mayor Jim Boult has flagged potential uses for the property at 516 Ladies Mile/SH6 as the final QLDC purchase price of $13.78 million has been confirmed. A school, transport hub, park and ride facility and a sports ground are all on the list. Here's the full statement.

"Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) has confirmed the purchase of 516 Frankton- Ladies Mile Highway. The acquisition is a valuable step towards the long-term development of much-needed community assets and services for the surrounding communities of Lake Hayes Estate and Shotover Country.

At a public-excluded session of the 18 April Full Council meeting, elected members approved the terms of the agreement to complete the purchase.

Mayor Jim Boult welcomed the future opportunities this brings for local residents.

Ladies Mile 3“As the largest population centre in the wider Wakatipu the need for some form of community and recreation hub in the Lake Hayes Estate / Shotover Country area is obvious. Opportunities like this to purchase large areas of flat land are rare and this 14 hectare site has the potential to offer a number of valuable community uses,” said Mayor Boult.

Potential future use of the land could include community facilities such as sports fields and open parks, partial use for a transport hub or park and ride facility. Additionally the site offers potential education uses such as a new primary or high school.

QLDC Chief Executive Mike Theelen confirmed council officers completed due diligence before recommending elected members agree to conclude the purchase.

“The purchase is in line with a number of Council strategies and policies, and we have been able to secure the property at a net cost of $13.78M. This has been funded through loan funding,” confirmed Mr Theelen.

The final use of the property is yet to be determined but will, in part, address the need for additional facilities identified in QLDC strategies for community facilities, parks and open spaces, and regional recreation and sports facilities."

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