Golf course trees felled to make way for new Cromwell water pipe

by Kim Bowden - Mar 20, 2024

There has been further clearing of the path for Cromwell's new big water pipe - the latest casualty, a stand of trees near the Cromwell Golf Course.

The Central Otago District Council says three poplars, a birch, and two oaks are being removed by a crew of arborists this week from reserve land beside the golf course on Neplusultra Street.

Meanwhile, another, younger, oak will be relocated.

New water pipes stacked up, ready to be laid on Neplusultra Street in Cromwell.

Eventually, the lost trees will be replaced with twice the number of new plantings, the council says. 

The trees are in the line of the 630-millimetre pipe being put in the ground to connect the town's lakeside bore to a water reservoir up above State Highway Six.

Construction work started last month beside the Alpha Street Reserve and football club rooms and will continue along Neplusultra Street before reaching the town centre mid-year.

While the pipe's path largely travels beneath grass verges and footpaths, a section will need to be laid through the Cromwell Mall.

The project comes with a $6.4 million price tag, and is required to bring Cromwell's water supply up to national standards.

Main image: Trees make way for water pipes on reserve land beside the Cromwell Golf Course, Wednesday, March 20. 

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