Full QLDC local election list announced - the race is on!

Aug 16, 2019

Here's the full list of local election candidates for the Queenstown Lakes District.


Local Election Nominees

At the close of nominations at 12 noon on Friday, 16 August 2019, the following nominations were received for the local elections. 

Note that although the candidate names are listed here in alphabetical order, the order on voting papers will be random.

 Name of nominee
 Nominator 1 Nominator 2
Al Angus Christina Lister Roger Grant
Jim Boult Eion Edgar John S Wilson 
Nik Kiddle  Gillian MacLeod  Erna Spijkerbosch 
Qtn/Wakatipu Ward (6 Seats)    
Penny Clark Graham Budd Erna Spijkerbosch
Peter Faul Ruth de Reus Michael Cooper
Craig 'Ferg' Ferguson Lynda Millar Brendan Quill
Niki Gladding Terri Anderson  Ann Aitken 
John Glover Trent Yeo Jane Guy
Glyn Lewers Kirsty Sharpe Charles Phillips
John MacDonald William Moran Ian Jackson
A J Mason Sarah Jones Timothy Buckley
Dr Valerie Miller Donovan Percy Teresa Murphy
Grant Scannell Jacqueline Kukutai  John Oaten 
Wanaka Ward (3 Seats)     
Barry Bruce Kevin King Simon Stewart
Lincoln Haworth Paula Dickson Michael Scott
Calum MacLeod Trevor Crawford  Donald Robertson
Niamh (Neeve) Shaw Sandra McIntyre Jennifer Cleland
Quentin Smith Roger North Kevin King
Vicki Spearing Monique Kelly Shaun Gilbertson
Cherilyn Walthew Shiralee Harper  Teresa Turnock 
Arrowtown Ward (1 Seat)    
Heath Copland Michael Pannett Michael Walker
Wanaka Community Board (4 Seats)    
Jude Battson Lydia Bradey Timothy Davis
Barry Bruce Kevin King Simon Stewart
Lyal Cocks Andrew Gawith Penelope Deans
Barbara East Lyal Cocks Roger Gardiner
Chris Hadfield Carolyn Cruden Sean Cusworth
Ed Taylor Robert Duncan  Richard Henshall 
Central Otago Health Inc (1 Seat)    
Leigh Overton  Aidan Craig  Jane Nimmo

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