Final local election candidate list for Central Otago District announced

Aug 16, 2019

Here's the full list of candidates for the Central Otago District local elections.

Mayor    (1 Vacancy)

Bonham, Victoria (STOP trashing our planet    
Cadogan, Tim    
Cromwell Ward    (4 Vacancies)

Calvert, Shirley    
Gillespie, Neil    
Johnstone, Jocelyn    
Laws, Cheryl    
McKinlay, Nigel    
Vincent Ward   (5 Vacancies)

Alley, Tamah    
Bonham, Victoria Jane (STOP trashing our planet    
Claridge, Lynley    
Cooney, Ian    
Hammington, Tony    
Martin, Jimmy    
McPherson, Martin R    
Paterson, Tracy    
Potter, Bruce (Independent)    
Stirling-Lindsay, Sharleen    
Topliss, Malcolm    
Maniototo Ward    (1 Vacancy) 

Duncan, Stuart    
Teviot Valley Ward   (1 Vacancy)   

Jeffery, Stephen F    
Cromwell Community Board    (4 Vacancies) 

Buchanan, Tony    
Calvert, Shirley    
Dicey, Robin    
George, David    
Harrison, Anna    
Johnstone, Jocelyn    
Murray, Werner    
Win, Luke    
Maniototo Community Board    (4 Vacancies)

Evans, Susan Jean    
Harris, Mark    
Hazlett, Robert    
Helm, Duncan    
Umbers, Sue    
Vincent Community Board    (4 Vacancies)

Bonham, Victoria (STOP trashing our planet    
Browne, Roger    
Cooney, Ian    
Garbutt, Russell    
Perkins, Wayne    
Robinson, Anna    
Stirling-Lindsay, Sharleen    
Teviot Valley Community Board    (4 Vacancies)

Browning, Cushla    
Dalley, Norman    
Feinerman, Sally    
Gunn, Raymond    
Pritchard, John Steven    
Central Otago Health Inc - Cromwell Ward    (1 Vacancy)   

Christensen, Britta    
Central Otago Health Inc - Teviot Valley Ward   (1 Vacancy) 

Tamblyn, Caroline    
Central Otago Health Inc - Vincent Ward    (2 Vacancies)

Paterson, Tracy    
Roy, Robert    
Central Otago Health Inc - Wanaka Ward    (1 Vacancy)  

Overton, Leigh    


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