Crux shatters local audience records – again

Dec 03, 2023

For the third month running Crux has set new records for local news readership in Queenstown, Wānaka and Cromwell.

From November 1 to November 30th the Crux audience reached 83,145 unique users who read 181,000 Crux news articles online. The month of November also saw Crux shatter advertising records with over 700,000 digital ad impressions seen by our audience.

Crux Managing Editor Peter Newport says the exponential growth represents a tipping point from print to digital.

“The audience move from printed local papers to online news has been building for years but these last three months has seen a seismic shift in local audience behaviour.”

“It’s not just the speed and quality of digital news from Crux that’s driving the change in Queenstown, Wānaka and Cromwell. It's also the fact that advertisers can  accurately measure the performance of their valuable advertising dollars and at the same time achieve direct, immediate clicks to their website home page or targeted customer offer. The data suggests we are reaching up to 90% of the local online population. It won't be long before we reach a million ad impressions a month."

Here’s the top five stories that drove November’s spectacular audience growth, in each case being read by over 7,000 unique users for over one and a half minutes per view.

The combination of high-quality editorial content and leading-edge digital delivery meant that Crux digital ads achieved an industry leading viewability rating over 83.5% . Viewability is a technical metric that accurately measures if digital advertising is actually seen by an audience rather than just being on a web page that is often only partially viewed.

Of our November advertising, over 550,000 digitally delivered ad impressions were placed by local businesses and over 200,000 ad impressions were delivered for leading national brands.

The weekly Friday Crux newsletter also passed the 5,000 subscriber milestone in November.

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