Cromwell Masterplan survey results released

Dec 21, 2018

The Central Otago District Council has released the full results of the Cromwell Masterplan survey.

You can read the full results here - and here is the media release from the CODC.

"A report summarising community feedback on the Cromwell Masterplan options has been released.

The survey analysis was presented to the Cromwell Community Board at a workshop on Monday this week (17 December).

A total of 477 people responded to a survey giving feedback on the options for future development in the Cromwell Basin over the next 30 years. The survey asked the community what they thought of the three shortlisted options for each of the Masterplan work streams. These work streams included how future population growth in the Cromwell Basin could be managed, the future of Cromwell's town centre and civic facilities, and the Cromwell Heritage Precinct including the Memorial Hall.

Almost half of respondents (49%) preferred growth focused within the existing Cromwell township (option 3 as outlined in the Let’s Talk Options engagement document), 30% favoured a balanced town renewal and growth model (option 2) and 15% thought change should be focused in the wider option (option 1).

Common themes that came through in survey comments were growth being focused around the town centre to create invigoration; ensuring there is a mix of housing options, including high density; protecting productive land in Cromwell basin; and discouraging urban sprawl.

When asked about renewing the town centre 43% selected the commercial town centre option (option 3), 36% preferred a mixed-use town centre (option 2) and 6% chose upgrading the existing Mall (option 1).

The key messages received from survey results was to encourage a mix of users and activities in The Mall, to open the Mall up to improve visibility and access and bring people in.

Cromwell Community Board Chair Neil Gillespie said there was a strong directive from respondents to be very ambitious in the way the town centre was improved.

“Our community wants to see significant change to our town centre, some even suggesting we take a bulldozer to The Mall. While we won’t go quite that far, we do realise we need to create a buzz about our town centre and that means giving people lots of reasons to be drawn there and spending time.”

Creating an arts, culture and heritage hub with potential visitor accommodation (option 3) attracted the support of 57% of respondents, 29% favoured a memorial hall and functions centre (option 2), and 8% chose the memorial hall upgrade option (option 1). 

There was strong feedback around connecting to the lakefront and making use of the stunning location; support for a destination to celebrate Cromwell’s arts, culture and heritage; and making sure a new facility is multi-purpose. While many people supported on-site visitor accommodation, others did voice concerns at the prospect.

CODC Executive Manager - Planning and Environment Louise van der Voort said the feedback received was invaluable in helping the Masterplan Team understand what is important to the community.

“It was fantastic to have such well thought out responses. People have obviously put a lot of time into answering the survey questions and as a consequence we have got a really helpful steer to help us create a Masterplan that sets Cromwell up for the future.”

A final Masterplan business case will be put before the Cromwell Community Board in March next year.

If this is approved, the preferred option and costings will be consulted on in 2019, when the community will also be asked for feedback as part of the Annual Plan process. The Masterplan is then scheduled to be adopted by the Cromwell Community Board in June 2019."

The Let’s Talk Options Survey Analysis report is available on Council’s website at:



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