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Peter Newport

Peter Newport is a former reporter for Radio NZ, and a former producer with TV3. He started his career at the ODT and TVNZ before working for Australia’s Channel 9 as their London Correspondent, as a senior News Director with BBC TV News and as a Discovery Channel documentary producer. He lives in Queenstown.

Posts by Peter Newport in Community:

Video streaming of QLDC meetings to start in November
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New Q'town hospital launch marked by secrecy and miscommunication
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Q'town voter apathy could work against Boult
Pitiful voter turnout so far by QLDC and CODC residents
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Climate and culture clash in Queenstown
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Hundreds march in Q'town Climate Strike
QLDC $56 million consultant spend doesn't add up
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Council emails reveal intimate relationship with Airport Corporation
Protect Wanaka takes legal action against Council and QAC
Airport Survey - majority against expansion, critical of communications
Boult - Q'town airport directors need to be "recycled"
Study says 3 million passengers a year needed for $400 million Wanaka airport
SDHB to set up measles vaccination centres in Q'town - focus on NZ Ski staff
Mayor Boult on airport expansion - compromise on horizon
QLDC rejects airport expansion plan as residents attack

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