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Peter Newport

Peter Newport is a former reporter for Radio NZ, and a former producer with TV3. He started his career at the ODT and TVNZ before working for Australia’s Channel 9 as their London Correspondent, as a senior News Director with BBC TV News and as a Discovery Channel documentary producer. He lives in Queenstown.

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Editorial: Time to clip the wings of our airport CEO?
Council rejects airport CEO's expansion plans
QLDC pressures QAC into minor airport changes
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Ella Lawton endorses Alexa Forbes for ORC
Crux support scheme for new Local Election candidates
Positive Crux meeting with Minister - Key future role for digital media
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Developer offers 200 Cromwell houses "from his own pocket" for consent
Developers in fighting mood over Plan Change 13
Grahame Sydney paints a new tourism strategy - "Let's play hard to get."
After referendum "yes" vote Mayor considers visitor levy changes
"Deceived then abandoned" - Lakeview residents on QLDC secrecy
"The model is broken" - SDHB CEO Chris Fleming
Lakes District Hospital "stretched beyond safe limits."
Mayor - maternity crisis "incomprehensible", no solution in sight
Queenstown Midwife - "It's scary"
Mayor - "Airport growth plan to be cut back."
Q'town Midwife - "Things have to change"
Immigration problems disrupt ski workforce

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