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Wanaka community hub cuts down million dollar debt

Nov 01, 2020

A community hub in Wanaka says it's still seeing a high demand for social services as people struggle in the lead up to Christmas.

The Wanaka Community Hub, which is celebrating its one-year anniversary next week, provides 35 social services to those in need.

Hub spokeswoman Yeverley McCarthy said the hubs first year has been busy with the impacts of Covid19 hitting the community hard.

"Lots of people lost work and without tourism businesses are struggling.

"Wanaka is an expensive town to live in so by the time people have paid their rent and bills they have little disposable income," she said.

McCarthy said with people under pressure the services at the hub have been busy giving social services like counseling and food parcels.

"It's taken us 14 years to get the hub open and it's been a great asset to the community in it's first year - lots of people who are feeling stuck can come in and get help."

When the hub opened this time last year the trust which operates the hub had a million-dollar debt.

"That slowed us down a bit, but we have got some grants and sold a property so we are getting our debt down significantly which means we can look at ways we can promote the hub more to ensure everyone in the town has an opportunity to use it."

The hub will hold a garden tour in Wanaka next week to raise funds.

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