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Middlemore Hospital patient tests positive for Covid-19

Sep 10, 2021

A person tested positive for Covid-19 today at Middlemore Hospital's Emergency Department after turning up for an unrelated issue, the Ministry of Health has confirmed.

In a statement, the ministry said the person presented with a non-Covid-19 problem.

They has been assessed in the emergency department and spent a short amount of time in the Adult Short Stay ward before deciding to go home.

The patient's answers indicated they had no exposure to Covid-19, no symptoms, nor had they been at any location of interest, the ministry said.

The patient consented to a Covid-19 swab but made the decision to leave prior to the result being available.

Their Covid-19 test later came back positive.

The patient had been informed of their positive result, and they were now isolating, the ministry said.

The other patients who may have been exposed have all been identified, informed and are isolating.

All staff at Middlemore Hospital's emergency department were wearing full PPE and the risk was low, so no staff were being stood down, the ministry said.

The Ministry of Health said more information would be provided tomorrow.

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