Time to push a female perspective on town planning

by Jane Guy - Sep 27, 2018

“Patriarchy in city planning is not just a failure of society – it is a failure of the imagination. So, where to from here? The “matriarchal city” is not necessarily the answer. We need to move past the notion that one group – male or female – creates the world on behalf of everyone else.” Dorina Pojani (Senior Lecturer in Urban Planning)


As part of our ‘Queenstown Lakes Women in Business’ Kaupapa a discussion around building cities and towns is happening. A recent article in Idealog about the amazing ‘Women in Urbanism Aotearoa’ brings the conversation to the forefront about how cities and spaces are more often than not designed by men.


Women are under-represented in architecture, engineering and before I hear the cry “but it’s there for the taking ladies” we only have to look at what’s happening in the legal sector to see that those spaces aren’t safe for anyone who identifies as women to take their seat at the table.


As a recent participant at a QLDC workshop around “what do we want Queenstown to look like in 2050?” alongside some wonderful robust discussion, the question of how women/ girls are part of this design was sorely lacking.


Queenstown Lakes Women in Business was set up to ask some of these questions and when I pressed play on the group to see who wanted ‘in’ 250 women in just two months answered “me”.

Amongst the regular meet-ups and the newly appointed concept of “lunch and learn” sessions, our first hangout will be with Emma McInnes of ‘WIUA’ to discuss their findings, look at how we can support other women who are interested in shaping communities we live in with women and girls in mind and what the future holds for us all.


I’m excited.

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