Living in La La Land

Living in La La Land is a landmark Crux mini-documentary series looking at how new social and economic forces are re-shaping the Southern Lakes of New Zealand. Produced for Crux by Storyworks with funding from NZ On Air.

Living in La La Land Archive

Q'town midwives - "We need a hospital."

Two Queenstown midwives describe their low pay, the risks involved and the need for a full service hospital

A Labour of Truth

Behind the war of words over maternity care in Wanaka is real tragedy and serious risk

An Action Plan for the Arts

Global expert Adrian Ellis has a plan for fixing our Arts crisis

The Grand Exchange

Students from our two high schools tackle the thorny issue of Queenstown vs Wanaka - is it time for peace to break out?

Dr Mike Joy on our Local Water Quality

After the Crux Water Quality Forum, Dr Mike Joy analyses the major challenges facing the Southern Lakes

What Lies Beneath

Lake Hayes is one of the most famous views in New Zealand, but it is suffering from a series of chronic environmental crises.

The Last March of the Hedgehogs

The people of Glenorchy are having to controversially wage war on cute, but lethal, hedgehogs in order to save our native birds.

No Country for the Arts

Have we got our priorities right when more resources are dedicated to tourism than the arts?

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