Living in La La Land

Living in La La Land is a landmark Crux mini-documentary series looking at how new social and economic forces are re-shaping the Southern Lakes of New Zealand. Produced for Crux by Storyworks with funding from NZ On Air.

Lake Hayes - 12 Months On

There's room for cautious optimism for the future of Lake Hayes

Less is More. Our local economy at war with the planet.

Is it too late for the Southern Lakes to respond to climate change?

When good people leave

We know we have a serious problem when hard working families, with multiple jobs, have to leave because Q'town is unaffordable.

Monique Kelly on climate change

Our Living in La La Land follow up to "Where did the snow go?"

Where did the snow go?

Could our local ski industry be gone in 10 years? NZ Ski say they can make snow even when it's 25 degrees.

The Last Affordable Place

Lakeview is doomed to soon disappear - is it positive progress or the tragic loss of a special place?

Smarter Not Harder

How do we start to escape the social and economic risks of a tourism mono-culture?

The Lumsden Maternity Crisis

Midwives and doctors claim the closure of the Lumsden Maternity Centre will cost lives

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