An Action Plan for the Arts

Apr 19, 2019

If you watched No Country for the Arts, you will know we have an arts crisis in the Southern Lakes.

So what will fix it? It looks like this man can  - Adrian Ellis. He's one of the world's top practitioners when it comes to breathing answers into the cultural life of places exactly like ours.

Watch this great conversation with Adrian - and then, most importantly, get involved. This survey will drive change ... and the initiative needs your involvement.

Even better - after completing the survey (or before if you have time) check out Adrian's detailed analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing us in order to fast track our Arts and Cultural footprint and facilities to where they should be ... some would say to where they must be for our future to realise its full social and economic potential.

Here's the survey link again -

Does this man have the answers? We think he does.

If you missed it - here's No Country for the Arts - a Must Watch.


Must Watch - No Country for the Arts.