We have an earthquake kit winner!

Dec 05, 2023

Congratulations to Ashleigh and Jared Lindley who are the winners of our Get Prepared earthquake kit.

The couple from Hanley’s Farm showed great forward thinking by already spending hard earned income on a variety of thoughtful measures to get ready for a major earthquake or other civic emergency in our district. Ashleigh has kindly offered to gift any items in the Crux kit that duplicate what she and he husband already have in their emergency supplies.

“After witnessing the various weather events around New Zealand early 2023, we decided it was time to prioritise putting together a kit in case of emergency here. We have a to-go bag, and a larger tub of emergency supplies kept in our hot water cupboard by the front door.  We keep with it a portable gas hob, the cats’ carriers and a black bag full of spare clothes. We have about 20 litres of water in the shed and a 20 litre bladder with the kit to fill up if/where we can.

"Our friends have done something similar. We’re in Hanley’s Farm, and they’re in Frankton, so we’ve made a plan to access whichever kit is closest depending on where we are if disaster hits! We recognise it’s a privilege as all of this costs but it was about prioritising it for a few weeks and it’s a nice peace of mind knowing it’s there.

"Here's a few photos of our set up!"


Main Image: Ashleigh with the Crux earthquake kit today (December 5).


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