TSS Earnslaw hit by serious mechanical breakdown

Jan 10, 2019


Passengers on board the lake steamer TSS Earnslaw this morning had their trip aborted after the ship returned to Queenstown with serious mechanical problems.

The Earnslaw was reported to make a number of unplanned turns as a result of what turned out to be a generator failure.

Screen Shot 2019 01 10 at 2.01.39 PM

The GPS track of the Earnslaw showing the vessel's path following the generator failure.

Courtesy: Ryan Madigan.

The vessel made its way back to Queenstown's Steamer Wharf under minimal power.

Earnslaw escort

A number of vessels escorted the Earnslaw back to Queenstown. Image: James Burnes

The operators of the Earnslaw, Real Journeys, have confirmed (11.05 am) that the ship is safe and returned to Queenstown under escort from a Real Journeys supply boat, and other local water craft.

The TSS Earnslaw was escorted by other vessels back to Queenstown after a generator failure this morning. Video: James Burnes.

it is understood there was no danger to passengers but ongoing mechanical problems could have taken the Earnslaw out of service at what is one of the busiest times of the tourist season.

The Earnslaw's 12 noon sailing went ahead as scheduled, following urgent on-site repairs by Real Journey's engineers.


Main Image: The Earnslaw is escorted back to Queenstown. James Burnes.

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