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May 26, 2024

It's no secret that journalism is facing unprecedented tough times - and as a relatively small community news platform it's harder for us than the big guys.

So - we're launching new features on Crux so it will be even better value for our readers who become financial supporters.

To illustrate how times have changed, we have the biggest local audience but monetising that audience is not straightforward.

Crux now generates up to 300,000 page views a month with readers spending around two and a half minutes on each page. We have over 100,000 unique users a month and our Facebook reach is around 400,000 people a month with over 150,000 of those people engaging via likes, comments or shares. Our free weekly newsletter reaches over 5,000 people and we now have 12,000 Facebook followers.

The Crux audience keeps growing - now we need to convert that success to revenue

Ten years ago the biggest audience would have equaled more revenue, but now the publishing market is so disrupted by change that being the best, or the biggest, does not mean that income automatically follows. Some publications have reduced their journalists and increased their sales force. At Crux however we put high quality local news first, without fear or favour, and always will. 

The local advertising market is now fractured between legacy print publications, new digital publications, national mainstream media and of course - the elephant in the room - social media. 

The previous Government support for journalism runs out this year so we as journalists now need to find new ways to survive in this complex landscape.

We need more support from our audience but first we want to know what it would take for more people to help out with the cost of publishing Crux. What features would it take to get you across the line?

Here's the link - just one question - rank the options. And - there's a comments box for any extra suggestions.

We know your time is valuable so we have three $100 Visa Prezzy cards to give away - just complete the survey to enter the draw.

Of course you can help today in one of these ways:

  • Advertise with Crux - we have some great deals and the biggest local audience.
  • Donate today - you'll still qualify for all of the new supporter features that are being planned.
  • Subscribe to our free newsletter and share the link
  • Tell your friends - we think Crux is the best, and we know our audience has grown exponentially, but please spread the word.

Take the survey now.

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