Revealed: Your vote on QLDC's best and worst elected members

Apr 05, 2024

A Crux quickfire survey of the mid term performance of our elected mayor and councillors has revealed who, in your view, is doing their job well - and who's performing not so well.

The survey ran for around 48 hours on April 3rd and 4th and ranked each elected member by three categories:

  • Communication with ratepayers
  • Voting decisions and policy making
  • Strength of public profile

In each category survey respondents had six choices of performance level:

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Neutral
  • Poor 
  • Very Poor
  • Don't know

The full detailed results are published below but here's the top and bottom three elected members in each category based on the percentage of respondents who voted either Excellent or Good.

Communication with ratepayers

Top three

  1. Niki Gladding  84%
  2. Esther Whitehead  55%
  3. Quentin Smith  49%

Bottom three

  1. Barry Bruce  5%
  2. Gavin Bartlett  12%
  3. Glyn Lewers 16%

Voting decisions and policy making

Top three

  1. Niki Gladding.  76%
  2. Esther Whitehead. 50%
  3. Matt Wong.  38%

Bottom three

  1. Barry Bruce   7%
  2. Glyn Lewers  9%
  3. Gavin Bartlett  15%

Strength of public profile

Top three

  1. Niki Gladding  80%
  2. Esther Whitehead 53%
  3. Craig "Ferg" Ferguson   50%

Bottom three

  1. Barry Bruce. 9%
  2. Gavin Bartlett  11%
  3. Glyn Lewers 13%

Here's the full results across each of the three categories.

This is the colour key.

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