Q'town council swimming pool to be closed until March 2020

Oct 11, 2019

The QLDC has just issued the following statement.

"A planned closure for Alpine Aqualand at the Queenstown Events Centre will now be extended to the end of March 2020. Queenstown Lakes District Councillors have been advised that the longer six-month closure is required with detailed design and investigations revealing significantly more remedial work and increased complexity than initially estimated.

At the Full Council meeting yesterday, QLDC General Manager Property & Infrastructure Peter Hansby updated the Councillors on work needed to address issues with the ceiling tiles and ventilation system in the pool hall.

“Without completing the detailed design, the full extent of the issues was not fully understood and advice received to address them was based on the available information at that time. The Council now has a much more comprehensive appreciation of the increased scope and complexity of the project, and the materials and skills needed to make the pool hall safe and reduce the risk of any future reoccurrence by future-proofing the solution,” said Mr Hansby.

“The team is extremely disappointed that the closure of the pool has had to be extended to deliver these essential repairs and the knock on effect this has on the community.”

The extended closure reflects increased installation requirements for the tiles, replacement of the vapour barrier, delays in materials, additional pipework replacement and a significant upgrade to the ventilation system. The increased cost for delivering this work is yet to be confirmed while negotiations are ongoing.

QLDC Sport & Recreation Manager Simon Battrick agreed that although the extended closure was understandably disappointing for both the community and staff, getting the work right at this stage was the right thing to do for the long-term future of Alpine Aqualand.

QLDC's Peter Hansby

“There’s no easy way to say we’re closing the pool for six months without disappointing regular users, and can only apologise and offer our thanks for their continued patience. We hope opening the Arrowtown Memorial Pool early is some compensation for keen swimmers. It is proving a challenge to achieve the desired temperature which was always going to be a concern for an outdoor pool at this time of year. The team is currently working on that and are confident the pool can be sufficiently heated,” said Mr Battrick.

“We’ll obviously be extending Aqualand memberships, and as well as Arrowtown Memorial Pool we also have the pool at Wānaka Recreation Centre and encourage people to make use of these great facilities where possible.”

Mr Hansby confirmed that the end of March is currently an estimated reopening date and further updates will be provided as the required work progresses.

“The Council team will continue to work closely with contractors and suppliers to ensure that the closure period can be minimised as much as possible whilst still ensuring that the repair work delivers the safety and quality standards needed,” added Mr Hansby."

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