QLDC - survey shows low community confidence

by Peter Newport - May 28, 2020

A Crux survey into levels of community confidence in our local council has shown very high levels of concern around transparency, effectiveness and communication.

The 24 hour poll, conducted between May 26 and 27, received just under 400 responses and over 200 detailed comments. In the interest of balance we are publishing the full details and asking QLDC's Mayor, Councillors and Management to comment. We will publish those responses as soon as we receive them, but not make any analysis of the survey until we have those replies.

In parallel with the confidence survey, we also asked Crux readers which party they were likely to support in this year's general election. This parallel survey was designed to be an approximate guide to the demographic of the audience taking part in the confidence survey.

The results were:

  • National - 34.6%
  • Labour - 49.8%
  • Greens - 10.7%
  • Other parties - 4.9%

The most polarising question in the survey related to Mayor Jim Boult.

All of the comments (scroll down to read) relating to these answers can be read here.

The survey also asked the community about confidence in the majority of QLDC elected councillors.

All of the comments (scroll down to read) relating to these answers can be read here. 

The last question relates to community confidence in QLDC senior management.

All of the comments (scroll down to read) relating to this survey result can be read here.



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