QLDC debates banning Qtown's "singing" dog

by Peter Newport - Oct 29, 2021

Yesterday's QLDC meeting took an unexpected turn as councillors started to quiz council staff on whether Queenstown's famous "singing" sheepdog on the lake-front should be removed as a nuisance.

The discussion was prompted by Councillor Penny Clark who claimed the dog seemed to be distressed and was cause for concern. Councillor Clark said the "howling dog" should be seen as a nuisance prompting Mayor Boult to ask if her concern was that the dog was singing out of tune or not.

Councillor Clark replied that to a resident or visitor enjoying an evening wine on the waterfront, "when the dog starts up its an absolute nightmare. It destroys any pleasure."

Council staff said there had been complaints but they had no immediate concerns for the dog's welfare. They did say however that there were issues around trading regulations and balancing the need for residents to have peace, quiet and freedom of movement against the dog's owner being allowed  to busk by the lake-front.

"Please complain so we can get that balance right" was the advice to the community.

You can watch the singing dog debate below from the QLDC video coverage of the meeting - plus take part in the Crux poll - "Q'town's Singing Dog - Nuisance or Asset?"


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