Lime gets council go ahead - in spite of objections

by Peter Newport - Dec 12, 2019

In spite of many objections from members of the public, the Chamber of Commerce, Age Concern and Grey Power, Lime got the go ahead to start trials in Queenstown at a full meeting of council this afternoon.

The trial of up to 400 Lime e-scooters will be delayed though while additional details are sorted out. One councillor even wanted to trial delayed until April so that the scooters could be trialled when there is ice and grit on roads and footpaths.

Chamber CEO Anna Mickell - concern for business disruption and staff injuries.

Submission after submission highlighted safety and usage concerns. Anna Mickell, CEO of the Queenstown Chamber of Commerce said that Lime e-scooters could result in disruption to business and injury to staff as well as expressing concerns about Lime's ability to find sufficient employees and premises in Queenstown. "Lime scooters can't climb hills" she added.

Duncan Edwards of Age Concern called the e-scooter (for all operators including Lime) safety record "dismal" citing hundreds of ACC claims and even 18 instances of brain injury. He said Queenstown's already stretched medical services could be inundated with Lime related incidents.

However, in spite of a seemingly endless tide of objections when the proposed trial came to the vote, it was passed, albeit with the condition of a delayed start.

 Afterwards Crux spoke with Lime NZ's Lauren Mentjox about the decision - and the community's concerns.



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